Translation Services

Metaphrase predominantly provides Greek translation and interpreting services. Our translation services include:


You can send us an original or electronic/fax copy of your source document by courier, mail, e-mail, fax or in person. We will then translate your document from English into Greek or from Greek into English. Our translators are NAATI Accredited and registered with their local Greek Consulates. Therefore we can provide certified translations for use in Greece and/or Australia. Each translator is specialised in his/her fields of translation. Metaphrase can provide translations of English or Greek legal, business, website, advertising and other documents/texts you may require for your business and/or personal use.


Localisation goes one step further than translation. It is the work of the translator to localise text in a website or in business/advertising material in order for it to be used in the country for which the translation is intended. This means that the text will be changed to reflect the addresses, telephone numbers, services, currency etc of the target country. It also means that the translator ought to be familiar with common current practices in that field, in the country where the text will be used.

At Metaphrase we can localise a website which is already operating in Australia for the Greek market and vice versa. For example, if you own an Australian business and you would like to expand to the Greek market it is advisable to localise your website for that market. As translators, we would translate the text so that it flows in Greek, ensuring also that we make all those minor changes in the text that would render the website truly local for the Greek market.


The general purpose of proofreading is to catch typographical errors and other mistakes that have inadvertently crept into the text. Proofreading can be performed to any text, whether it has been translated or not.

At Metaphrase we provide proofread translations as a standard service. When you receive our translation, it will normally be error-free. Urgent translations cannot be guaranteed our usual 99% error-free policy so we always recommend more time in order to be able to check for mistakes.

Translation Review of Greek Translation

A comparison of a professional translation with the original document to ensure accuracy, comprehension and grammatical correctness within the target language.

At Metaphrase, we can perform reviews on our own translations, as well as on the work of other translators previously contracted to perform a translation. Please send us your documents so that we may advise you of the service required and how we can assist.

Translation Editing

Line-by-line comparison of a translation “that is acknowledged as being defective” with its corresponding source text to ensure accuracy, comprehension and grammatical correctness within the target language.

When we receive a “defective translation” with the purpose of correcting it , we are always happy to help and render a document usable for the purpose for which it was intended. If you have employed the services of a non-professional translator and are in the difficult position of having paid for a translation that is not able to be used, please send us your documents and we will be able to inform you of how we can be of assistance.

Important Note:

We are proud to say that our translations are never “acknowledged as being defective” and never require “Translation Editing”. We are the Greek and English language specialists. We only deal with Greek?English translations. This is because we are all Professional Greek Linguists who take pride in and are responsible for the final product supplied to our clients.

Greek Translation and Interpreting Services

Our translation service is complemented by, and closely related to, our interpreting service. We can provide you with a Greek Interpreter, on-site or over the phone, to communicate your needs into Greek. This can be done either in Australia, personally, or over a three-way telephone interpreting session to any phone number around the world.

Click here to see how our Interpreting Service works.

At Metaphrase we are the Greek and English translation and interpreting specialists in Australia.

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