Legal Translation & Interpreting

Metaphrase specialises in Greek Legal Translation and Interpreting Services including:

Court and Legal Documents

With our many years of experience in translating Greek Legal documents, you can trust us to provide you with documents that you can actually use for the purpose they are intended: in Court, as evidence, for extradition purposes, involving legal cases in both Greece and Australia, Divorce cases, insurance claims originating in Greece or Australia, settlements, property disputes, and many other legal cases where our knowledge and expertise can be of use in the Legal Sector. Court judgements from Greek Courts can be translated into English for use in an Australian Court and vice versa.

We have worked in collaboration with some of the most well-known Solicitors, Legal Companies and Authorities in Greece and Australia, as well as for individual private clients that need to submit translations of Legal Documents to the Authorities or to be used in Court cases.

Document Formats and Certification

We can provide translations in many electronic or hard copy formats. Please consult us prior to placing your translation order.

The hard copy documents that are provided are Certified by the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI). If requested, we are able to provide you with Affidavits for use in Court. Furthermore, we are able to provide documents that are certified by a Greek Embassy or Consulate in Australia when they need to be sent to Greece for Legal use. Greek Legal Translation Services

We are also able to provide you with a Professional Greek Interpreter via teleconference, in Court (in Melbourne) or at your legal office or appointment. If you are a Legal Professional and you need to communicate with your Greek client or a Lawyer in Greece, call us to see how we can help.

Privacy and Confidentiality

In Legal cases, confidentiality is an issue of paramount importance for our clients, as well as for us. Metaphrase does not distribute any personal information to third parties unrelated to the purpose for which it was collected. The personal information our clients provide is used to facilitate the services to our clients only.

Metaphrase will sign a confidentiality agreement if requested in writing. Please read our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions for more information on how we deal with our Clients’ information.

At Metaphrase we are the Greek and English translation and interpreting specialists in Australia.

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