Interpreting Services

Metaphrase predominantly provides Greek translation and interpreting services. Our interpreting services include:

Interpreting Sessions

On-site Interpreting

One of our Greek/English interpreters can meet you at your required venue to assist you with communicating in your native language. We will accompany you at your medical and legal appointments, court cases, business meetings, Consulate appointments, and any venue at which you need somebody present to speak both Greek and English. Please call as early as possible to allow enough time for us to find an available professional.

Telephone Conference Interpreting

We can arrange a 3-way telephone conversation between you, a Greek/English interpreter, and the party you wish to communicate with anywhere around the world. We will arrange for a time when all parties are available, even if this is after hours due to time differences. Then we will call both parties to the conversation and assist in their communication.

Sight Translation

Our Greek/English interpreters can read the information in a written text/document and verbally convey it to you in the language you understand best.

Sometimes, you don’t need a word for word translation of a document; you need to first understand what that document is about. We will be able to tell you what the document is about so that you can quickly assess the situation before taking any further action. If you have received a document that you cannot understand, you can send it to us via fax or email and we will tell you what it says over the phone.

Our interpreting service is complemented by, and closely related to, our translation service. We can provide you with translations of all your Greek or English documents. Greek Interpreting

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At Metaphrase we are the Greek and English translation and interpreting specialists in Australia.

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